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Our team of relentlessly creative and reliable professionals deliver optimal solutions for your organization’s unique challenges.

Our team offers strategic and creative solutions to address our clients’ complex realty requirements. With our network of real estate professionals and in-depth knowledge of federal real property procurement practices, we identify and evaluate locations that align with each client’s unique project and program needs and budget. Our realty services include:

  • Lease administration

  • Market surveys and analysis

  • Real property portfolio management

  • Lease value analysis

  • Relocation management

  • Real property asset redeployment and disposal

  • Managing real estate with ARCHIBUS®

Aleto performs facility support services for a diverse set of federal agency clients. We enhance productivity, manage risk to the agency, and control costs. Our integrated solution set includes the following activities:

  • Construction management

  • Project management activities, such as agency stakeholder relationship maintenance, risk management, and project delivery on time and within budget

  • Acquisition management support

  • Budgeting and estimating support

  • Existing furniture management including reconfigurations, repairs, and warranty management

  • New furniture management including design, layout, and installation

  • Maximizing facility efficiency with ARCHIBUS®

Aleto helps clients determine the highest and best uses for their existing space and resources to meet ever-changing needs. As missions change over the course of time, we update plans to flexibly address new needs as they arise. By continuously assessing the historical, current, and projected use of space and using the knowledge to align client day-to-day activities with its stated mission objectives, Aleto drives mission success. We utilize our extensive industry knowledge to increase space utilization, reduce vacancy, and increase overall productivity.

Our professionals provide key advisory services for the following:

  • Business case analysis for consolidations and expansions

  • Programming (POR Development)

  • Large and small scale space planning and design

  • Personnel and equipment relocations

  • Identifying and implementing innovative space saving measures

  • Maintaining accurate and current records of space and personnel

  • Blocking, stacking, and adjacency analysis

  • Optimizing space and occupancy with ARCHIBUS®

ARCHIBUS® is a registered trademark of Archibus, Inc.

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