SBA Certified 8a Business

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Primary NAICS:
541611 Administrative Management and General Management Consulting Services

Secondary NAICS

  • 561210 Facilities Support Services
  • 561499 All Other Business Support Services
  • 541410 Interior Design Services
  • 531312 Nonresidential Property Managers
  • 531390-Other Activities Related to Real Estate

Defense Health Agency (DHA)

Saving millions while supporting the mission

DHA’s recent Congressional mandate to manage one of the largest and most complex health systems in the world means consolidating personnel into existing space while minimizing the need for new facilities.


Aleto, using its expertise in federal leasing, works with GSA to secure the proper space and maximize savings. In San Antonio, TX, Aleto recommended a competitive delineated area and advocated for concessions that resulted in 12 months of rent-free occupancy, offsetting moving costs and saving the government nearly $11 million during the 15-year lease. In Aurora, CO, Aleto assisted DHA in securing a state-of-the-art facility with more than 18 months of free occupancy, a concession that reduced the overall spending and yielded $28 million in savings over 15 years. DHA recognizes Aleto’s exceptional ability to keep abreast of the Government’s transformation efforts, changing priorities, and the impact on the work to be performed. Our team is highly flexible when dealing with competing leadership priorities and stays on schedule, even when faced with unforeseen delays.

Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)

Saving millions while supporting the mission

The SEC is required to comply with the Executive Branch’s decision requiring a 20% reduction in space by all federal agencies, meaning the reduction of nearly 3 million square feet of office space.


Aleto fine-tunes space plans and run scenarios that render more efficient space use achieved with minimal disruption and within budget while keeping employees satisfied with their space. The outcome of this work is the identification of under-utilized space that can be relinquished while preserving the Commission’s ability to perform its mission. Despite difficulties presented by the pandemic, Aleto provides contract performance that facilitates government management and mission accomplishment. The SEC reports that performance on this contract has been of remarkably high quality, earning Aleto exceptional and very good ratings on contract performance, management, quality, and schedule.

Cushman Wakefield/ General Services Administration (GSA)

Getting federal clients to occupancy

Once GSA has executed a lease for a federal agency, the agency has significant work to accomplish before it can move in, such as space design and construction management of the tenant improvements. The challenge is balancing lease requirements, budget constraints, and schedule so that the agency can take occupancy as quickly as possible.


In coordination with GSA and the federal leasing agency, Aleto works with each stakeholder to facilitate the design, construction, and furnishing of the tenant improvements within time and budget constraints while adhering to the agreed-upon lease. Aleto started work in March 2020 and was rapidly recognized as providing excellent service supporting all parties during the post-award phase. While too early for an evaluation, the proof of Aleto’s success is the award of 9 more projects in a 7-month period, totaling 1 million square feet of space, and encompassing 3 large prospectus leases.

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